Alie Jackson

Boss Babes Residency Spring 2018




During my residency I was on a panel She Talks: Art Money Mindset and showed an Augmented Reality Installation at Native Hostiles.

Read my interview on the Boss Babes ATX Blog where I talk about my process, inspiration and more

Images courtesy of BBATX

Boss Babes Mantra

Animated for the Spring Meet Up. Projected and played on a loop.
Music added for social media and just for fun!

Powered by the People is an interactive AR installation that explores what happens when social media is used as a tool to create and view art. I built an augmented reality installation that merges the digital and physical world via smartphone camera. By using Snapchat, the observer is able to experience the work in a more intimate environment and on their own terms.

To view in Augmented Reality:
1. Open the Snapchat App 2. Take a picture of the code
3. Tap "Unlock for 24 Hours" 4. Look around


AR Motion Captures