Alie Jackson

Cemented Passengers

Solo Show at the Elisabet Ney Museum


Cemented passengers

Solo Show at the Elisabet Ney Museum, June 28 - July 15, 2018

Meet Her Hands Series A collaborative exhibition series, produced by Boss Babes ATX and the Elisabet Ney Museum featuring three Texan women artists every year.

This show is about the constant disruption of peoples lives while living in an urban environment. We can't escape, our senses inundated continuously with audio and visual stimulation. I wanted to explore how my subconscious interprets the everyday sensory experiences of city life.

I used a color palette predominantly comprised of artificial colors and objects across all mediums as a unifying principle. Through audio and animation, I made abstract shapes more recognizable when mixing them with collage elements and giving them movement paired with familiar sounds. Through the mixed media panels, I wanted to explore the more tactile and physical awareness of the city.


Gallery Photos courtesy of Boss Babes ATX taken by Jinni J 


Opening Night Event Photos courtesy of Boss Babes ATX taken by Jinni J