Alie Jackson

¡Eso Es!


¡Eso Es!

Arts + Labor

Art Direction + Design + Motion Graphics + Prop Styling

The Ask: Get fans excited about ¡Eso Es! A new event concept bringing multi-genre Latinx artists from around the country across Texas.

The Idea: A colorful, fast-paced infomercial concept with voiceover from a local radio DJ. To maximize captured content, we customized videos for each city, artist, and social format format.

Pre-production: I storyboarded and selected each prop to correspond to a different artist or element of the show. I sourced each object for the shoot online and at thrift stores.
Production: I styled and set up each object during the shoot with the help of an art assistant. This included creating the designs for the press on nails and the beautiful raspas fruit sculpture.
Post-production: Added motion graphics and versioned out every video for multiple social formats.