Alie Jackson
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Dell: Accidental Damage


Dell Accidental Damage

arts + labor

Art Direction + Wardrobe + Post Effects + Set Dressing

The Ask: Create a broadcast piece for QVC showcasing Dell’s Accidental Damage coverage. The spot had to work with and without sound for QVC host voiceover and then social media following the air date.

The Idea: When an accident happens, time seems to slow down. We captured Dell products accidentally being damaged and the reactions from a mother and son at at 1000 fps on a Phantom Camera.

Pre-production: I storyboarded each scene and carefully selected props and wardrobe that fit within Dell’s brand guidelines.
Production: I styled the actors wardrobe and set up each scene with the help of a production designer.
Post-production: I added special effects and screen replacements to the final edit.

The Result: The highest volume of Dell’s Accidental Damage Service add-ons ever bought on QVC.