Alie Jackson

Ben Dickey Music Video


Ben Dickey Music Video


Art Direction + Set Dressing + Animation

The Ask: Create a music video for Ben Dickey staring artist and lead singer of The Kills Allison Mosshart on an small budget and short turn around time.

The Idea: Cut between surreal, scenes of artist Allison Mosshart using the leftovers of a dinner party as a medium to paint on a table and moody footage of Ben Dickey and his band performing. Throughout the video, lines and textures of Alison’s table art will begin to animate and crossover onto the performance world becoming chaotic, overtaking the footage, and connecting the two worlds.

Pre-production: Create style frames and loose storyboards to help guide select scenes during production. Source all props from thrift stores on a tight budget and timeline.
Production: Direct a team to quickly set up and clean the dinner table scene in between takes. Advise the DP on setting up shots to work with post-production animation scenes.
Post-production: Create looping cel animations to overlay video. Direct a team of junior motion designers to rotoscope select scenes.

Director + Editor: Cody Ground
Director of Photography: Ivy Chiu
Producers: Rachael Trigg & Scott Hamilton
Camera Assist: Chelsea Williams + Mariana Gonzalez
Gaffer: Kirby Tucker
Grip: Ivan Salazar
Executive Producers: Louis Black & Alan Berg
Shot at Austin School of Film + Aduro Studios